Hamilton/Kirikiriroa Now

Group Project­­­ created
with Megan Laxon and
Bianca Cross
                Hamilton Now is a open system brand identity for Hamilton City Council. While Hamilton's informal slogan is “the city of the future" - this brand focuses on the present by engaging young Hamiltonians on current issues and events in their city.

                This project involved thorough research to identify the challenges of the Hamilton City Council. We sought direct input from locals on naming and look and feel. We developed an open system with multiple logo forms that can adapt to appeal to specific audiences.

                We were first drawn to the idea of branding Hamilton City when the mayor floated the idea of a reinstating Kirikiriroa — long stretch of gravel, as the official name of the city in 2018. There is now a renewed public interest in retiring the Hamilton name and referring to the city by its māori name.